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  • My child has never climbed before - can I sign them up?

    Absolutely! Our classes cater to climbers of all skill levels - from absolute beginner to seasoned crusher. Climbing is inherently individual - that means even during our awesome group activities, the level of challenge being offered can be tailored to each individual climber in a class. We have specifically designed our program that way to be beneficial to everyone from first time enrolees to repeat registrants.

  • How do I know which level to register my climber in?

    We assign climbers to classes/levels first based on age. Climbers age 4-6 will enrol in our Tykes level, ages 7-9 in our Junior or Junior Plus level, ages 10-13 in our Senior, Senior Plus or Prep level, and ages 14-17 in our Varsity level. For more specifics (including prerequisites for Junior Plus, Senior Plus and Prep) please see class descriptions

  • My child isn't old enough, but is very strong/tall/mature/etc., for their age. Can I register them in the next level up?

    We assign climbers to classes/levels first based on age. We don't accept registrations for climbers outside of the level's designated age range so as to ensure that our carefully constructed, age-specific curriculum is being delivered effectively to those it was intended for. Improper registrations will be cancelled, and notice sent via the email provided to our system.

    Our only exception to this rule is if your climber is aging up at some time BEFORE the session end (i.e. if the session ends on December 5th, and a 9-year-old climber is turning 10 on November 14th, they are welcome to register in our Senior level. Tykes climbers however MUST be 4 by the first day of classes).

    Be assured that with the help of our seasoned coaches, each and every climber is capable of being challenged and seeing improvement in any of our classes.

  • My chosen class/level is full this session. What are my options?

    We keep a dated waitlist for each class, to be opened once a class has filled. Please email with your climber's name, your preferred contact email, and the level/day/time of the class you would like to be put on the waitlist for. In some cases, additional classes may be added to the schedule depending on interest.

    If a spot opens up in your preferred class, and you are first on the waitlist, you would be contacted by email at any time up until the day before your chosen class starts. 

  • What should my climber wear to classes?

    We provide all climbing rental gear that your climber will need during class (shoes, harness, chalk bag). We recommend wearing light layers (the gym is kept cool, but climbing warms you up quickly), and don't forget socks and a water bottle!