Groups & Parties

Prices in effect Aug. 6th, 2018

Group Rates

We offer discounted rates for groups of 3 or more, so long as the group pays together in a single transaction. All groups should book ahead with us via our Contact Us page so we can arrange appropriate staff. We require at least 2 weeks notice to confirm any bookings.

Some dates are not suitable for group visits, and unexpected groups may be turned away if we cannot accommodate them.

Group All Access (Climbing + Yoga & Movement) Day Pass - $17.50
with leave/return privileges
includes rental mat and access to climbing
GROUP BONUS: includes complementary rental harness

Group Top Rope Belay Lesson - $30.97
includes access to climbing and yoga all day, plus rental shoes, harness and chalk bag

Book a lesson on our Lessons & Tests page.


We offer climbing parties for kids age 7 and up. We provide staff to operate all of the equipment safely, create an exciting atmosphere, and get your kids inspired on some vertical challenges.

Parties are only available on Saturdays and Sundays, 1pm to 3pm, and only one party per time slot. We require at least 3 weeks notice to confirm any bookings.

Party (6 kids max) - $175.00
one staff belayer for 2 hours

Note: we do not have facilities to host food, drink or presents. We'll gladly host your two hours of climbing, but any other festivities must take place off-site.

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