Looking for is a new belay parter or a buddy to help you crack new beta? These community meetups and matchmakers can help you find the perfect "partner in climb."

The CR Whiteboard
Who knew a whiteboard and marker could be so helpful? This board lives in our lobby and is the place to search out and find other climbers looking for a partner. Tell us what kind of climbing you like, when you can be here, and leave some contact info. Or work up some confidence and contact one of the listings to build a new climbing bond!

Climbing Wallcrawlers Meetup
These members have been welcoming new climbers to their circle since 2014. 
Visit their Meetup page here.

Climb Like A Girl
Burlington-area ladies helping other lady climbers crush their goals and connect with other women.
Visit their website here.
Visit their Halton/Hamilton area Facebook group here.

A cool resource for climbers seeking a partner in any corner of the globe.
Visit their website here.